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Today when we look across the Domony Valley everything is beautiful. Everything is pleasing to the eye and soothing to the soul. But it wasn’t always like that.

   To put it mildly, the circumstances couldn’t have been described as exactly comfortable reminisce the two men. Some dilapidated houses, some ramshackle stables and sheep pens, and an uncared for site. In a nutshell there was everything except beauty and comfort, yet there was just a promise that these might also unfold for at the very first sight both felt that there was ”something waiting to be discovered” in the valley.

     Action followed on the heels of the idea. The Lázár “machinery was put in motion” and the boys dedicated all their free time to creating their new home. Results soon appeared, in 2001 the competition stables and the Old Lodge were built, the kitchen was operating, the horse track was ready, and the animal yard populated.

     In the last few years more had happened and was happening on the nine hectares than in the previous thirty or forty years. The following year, 2002, was spent in increasing the estate. The New Lodge was built, the Hunting Hall, and the kitchen essential to all gastronomic activity was also enlarged.

     In fact what came into being is what they themselves love: the beautifully cared for land, the hoses, the best of Hungarian dishes and wines complemented by excellent Hungarian hospitality to the sound of music in a great atmosphere.

     The complex of the Old and New lodges and the adjoining Hunters Hall, is situated on the highest point of the Lázár Equestarian Park and can comfortably sit up to 500 guests at any one time.

     Special attention was paid when designing the lodges to ensure that the entrances and toilet facilities are easily accessible for handicapped people.

     In the World Champion Hall you can see the choice fruit of the driving career of the Lázár brothers, Vilmos and Zoltán, including 12 World Championship gold medals, and gold, silver and bronze medals from other competitions also shine in the display unit. Here, to mention just a few, are displayed countless cups, presentation vases, horse statues, and certificates.

     At both ends of the Hall are the coaches used by the brothers for competition driving, marathon driving and obstacle course driving.

     There are two stables in the Park, which provide a home to more than 70 horses. One group of the horses (mainly the Lipica) has an important role in training and during championships, while the other group are regular performers in the horse shows. When a horse becomes old and retires from driving he has a golden life as the brothers, understandably, do not want to part from him, as they know very well how much the horse contributes to their success.

     One popular part of the farm is the farmyard. In this mini-zoo we have collected some samples of the traditional Hungarian farm animals such as the long-wooled racka sheep, the special mangalica Hungarian breed of pig, the grey and long-horned cattle, poultry, and the puli, the corded coated Hungarian sheepdog.

     Every day, by prior arrangement, we hold a Horse Show for a minimum of 20 guests, at 11.30am and 5pm. At these times individual guests are also welcome by prior arrangement.

    On arrival at the park guests are welcomed with fresh scones topped with crackling, a fruit brandy or mineral water.

The Horse Show programme

Four hand drive, pony driven carriage

Display of nomad warrior archery - archery on horseback, throwing a spear, jumping through fire

Skills of the horsemen – making the horse lie down, cracking the whip, competition between the horsemen

Competition involving the guests – knocking a bottle with the whip

Cart pulled by four oxen

Display by funny trained donkey


Horse display of „Queen Elizabeth” in costume, sitting side-saddle

At the end of the programme the guests are invited to mount the horses, or to take part in a pleasant coach trip through the woods as well as visit the Lázár Equestrian Park.

The programme is presented in Hungarian, German, and English as required.

The programmers by night is the same as the daytime programmers.

The coach driving World Champions, the Lázár brothers or Gábor Szegedi World Champion introduce you to the rules.

The order of departure is decided by a draw and then everyone goes around the course. (The guests are escorted over the course by the Lázár brothers, to see the course they will have to follow in the obstacle coach driving race.

The winner is the person who completes the course in the shortest time with the fewest mistakes.

An official commentator helps the spectators and drivers follow the event.

The obstacle course was built in adherence to the rules of the International Equestarian Federation (FEI), and the results are judged in accordance with international regulations.

As a safety precaution, a groom sits on the back. In Domony Valley Zoltán Lázár, Vilmos Lázár and Gábor Szegedi are responsible for this task, thus guaranteeing a drive which is both safe and exciting.

The results are announced at the end of the competition. The winner and runners-up receive the Lázár Equestrian Park awards and a personal certificate signed by the World Champions.

If anyone thinks it is child’s play to drive the two superbly trained and obedient horses, then they are sadly mistaken. In fact, only pair driving is permitted as it requires many years’ experience to master the art of four-hand horse coach driving.

Two years ago, just before the Hungarian Formula 1 Grand Prix, members of the BMW Williams team came to try their luck at a new sport. They finished the course, admittedly with the help of our grooms, but they were just as pale at the end as when scorching over the racecourse at 200kph. Their only comment, the bigger horse power is safer...

A taste of cold Hungarian delicacies

- Farmhouse ham, smoked, mangalica sausage, bacon, cold meat specialities, cheeses fresh vegetables, homemade bread

- A 2 dl glass of white or red wine

- Mineral water

- Espresso coffee

Pastor’s menu

A cauldron of Hungarian goulash

Custard pie with apricot jam

2 dl glass of white or red wine

Mineral water

Espresso coffee

Shepherd’s menu

Fish soup from Szeged

Cottage cheese pasta with cracklings

A 3 dl glass of white or red wine

Mineral water

Espresso coffee

Outlaw’s menu

Farmhouse chicken soup with homemade vermicelli

Delicately spiced stuffed cabbage roll served with sour cream and fresh homemade bread

Pancakes served with the filling of your choice

Half a litre red or white wine

Mineral water

Espresso coffee

Horseman’s menu

A cauldron of Hungarian goulash

Delicately spiced Domonyvölgy roast meats, bacon and onion potatoes or fried jacket potatoes, with rice

Farmhouse pickles (cucumber, bell peppers, mixed pickles, hot cherry peppers)

Custard pie with apricot jam

Half litre red or white wine

Mineral water

Espresso coffee

Recommended wines for the above menus

Neszmély Cuvée 2006. - Mihály Szöllősi Winery

Villány Portugieser 2006. - Zoltán Polgár Winery

Recommended by the farmer

Farmhouse chicken soup

Pork ribs Bakony style with homemade dumplings

Apple pie with fruit sauce

 A glass of Pannonhalma Chardonnay (3dl) 2006. – from the Szöllősi Winery, Neszmély

Mineral water

Espresso coffee

Piroska’s favourite

Tarragon cream turkey soup

Served on a wooden platter: farmhouse meat roulade (stuffed with ham, bacon, baby peas the meat is then fried in breadcrumbs), knuckle of ham Pékné style, potatoes fried in onion, fried goose leg, cabbage steamed in champagne, breast of turkey Parisian style, served with rice and garden peas

Farmhouse mixed pickles

Pasta and cottage cheese filled strudels

Pannonhalma Sauvignon Blanc 2006. (2 dl) – Mihály Szöllősi Winery, Neszmély

Villány Portugieser 2005. (2 dl) – Zoltán Polgár Winery, Villány

Mineral water

Espresso coffee

Vilmos’s favourite

Beef broth with homemade vermicelli, served with boiled meat and vegetables

Served on a wooden platter delicately spiced grilled pork, roast chicken breast stuffed with bacon, „haystack Mátra mode” (grated potato in batter), and turkey breast with broccoli smothered in cheese, fried mushrooms or grilled vegetables of the season

Rice with mushrooms, potatoes in parsley

Mixed farmyard pickles

Cottage cheese balls with vanilla icing sugar and sour cream

Eger Királyleányka 2006. (2 dl) – Vilmos Thummerer Winery, Eger

Sopron Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot Rosé 2006. (2 dl) – Mihály Szöllősi Winery, Neszmély

Mineral water

Espresso coffee

Chef ’s favourite

Hungarian cold plate starter (smoked mangalica sausage, salami, cold goose liver, goose crackling with onion, fresh vegetables)

Guinea-fowl soup served “ Újházy” style

Served on a wooden platter: stuffed chicken leg Gödöllõ style, with kale leaves, breast of turkey lined with cheese, rolled in sesame seed batter and fried, tenderloin of pork marinated in the chef’s own recipe (roast tenderloin of pork in steamed prunes), Lyon sirloin steak with onions

Sauté potatoes, rice with sweet corn

Farmyard pickles

A selection of pastries served with vanilla ice cream

Pannonhalma Chardonnay 2006. (2 dl) Mihály Szöllősi Winery, Neszmély

Villány Kadoka Schiller 2006. (2 dl) Zoltán Polgár Winery, Villány

Mineral water

Espresso coffee

Zoltán’s favourite

Smoked salmon with horseradish celery salad

Pigeon soup with tender vegetables and quails’ eggs

Served on a wooden platter tenderloin of pork á la natur, oven baked goose liver, Óvár style pork ribs, bass fingers fried in beer pastry, Hunter style saddle of venison

Steamed vegetables, potato croquettes, rice with peas

Mixed farmhouse pickles

A plate of Hungarian deserts (mini pastries, rich moist sponge cake with chocolate sauce and whipped cream, crepe, served with chocolate sauce)

Villány Rosé Cuvée 2006. (2 dl) – Zoltán Polgár Winery, Villány

Villány Cabernet Sauvignon 2005. (2 dl) – Zoltán Polgár Winery, Villány

Mineral water

Espresso coffee

Game delicacies

A taste of game: venison ham, sausage, and salami, served with vegetables

Rich consommé with homemade vermicelli

Venison tenderloin with wild mushroom ragout, breast of chicken marinated in honey, roast meats, haunch of wild boar, slice of veal á la Vienna, roast carrots, wild rice, potato croquettes, pickles

Crepes filled with forest blackberries, served with vanilla cream

Villányi Kadarka Siller 2006. (2dl) – Polgár Zoltán Winery, Villány

Egri Bikavér 2002. (2dl) - Thummerer Vilmos Winery, Eger

Mineral water

Espresso Coffee

Preserved tastes A

Tartar beefsteak made from the tenderloin of grey cattle wrapped in cabbage leaves, served with fresh vegetables and toast

Lamenting shepherd’s sour potato soup

Cock’s stew prepared from free-range farmyard cocks, served with sheep curd dumplings, and mixed picklesor

Roast plaited tenderloin of Mangalica pork

Apple pie with vanilla sauce

Villány Kadarka Siller 2006. (2 dl) - Zoltán Polgár Winery, Villány

Eger Bikavér 2002. (2dl) – Vilmos Thummerer Winery, Eger

Mineral water

Espresso coffee

Preserved tastes B

Hortobágy meat filled pancakes made from Hungarian Bronze Turkey and fresh sour cream

Mangalica sparerib soup with vegetables and fine homemade vermicelli

Served on a wooden platter: Breaded leg of lamb with goat’s milk creamed potatoes, farmyard mangalica sausage, Mangalica cutlet outlaw’s style with fried bacon bits, (mangalica sausage, champignon mushrooms, peas) cucumber, stuffed swedes smothered in melted Óvár cheese, slice of beef with peppers and garlic, steamed buck-wheat

Jam doughnuts

Pannonhalma Chardonnay 2006. (2dl) – Mihály Szöllősi Winery, Neszmély

Villány Cabernet Sauvignon 2005. (2 dl) – Zoltán Polgár Winery, Villány

Mineral water

Espresso coffee

Preserved tastes C

Hungarian peasant’s fare: Spicy mangalica sausage, boiled smoked shepherd’s ham, smoked ham

Tarragon mutton soup with dumplings

Served on a wooden platter: mangalica tenderloin with ewe cottage cheese, with hominy and dill, garlic farmyard goose breast served with cabbage and apple, roast lamb with rosemary, Hungarian Grey Cattle sirloin steak with onion rings, breaded cauliflower. Pumpkin-poppy seed German wheat strudel

Neszmély Irsai Olivér 2006. (2 dl) – Mihály Szöllősi Winery, Neszmély

Villányi Cabernet Sauvignon 2005. (2dl) - Polgár Zoltán Winery

Mineral water

Espresso coffee

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